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Upper Looper Rotated Fix
Thank you Admin Karen Wood:

Your upper looper has swiveled forward. It's an easy fix.

Rotated upper looper image

Photo by Taylor Starkie



First, use your needle allen wrench and loosen the set screw at the end of the upper looper head.


It will be a darker square piece.


Adjust your machine so the lower looper is out of the way and swivel your upper looper back into position, if the loopers are crossing one another.


Hand turn the wheel until the upper looper is in front of the needles and the needles are at their highest point.


Now, making sure you have size 90/14 needles installed, (this is important for measuring reasons) measure the distance between your needles and the upper looper.


This can be accomplished by using a size .25mm feeler gauge.


If you don't have one, you want the upper looper to be as close to the needles at the eye tip as possible without actually touching them.


The non-measured way may take a little time to get just right, but you can do it!


Make sure and tighten down the upper looper set screw when you have everything in place..


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