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How to Request Help In Our Facebook Group

How to request help in this group


1. First, check the DOWNLOAD FILES AREA


2. When you are logged into the Facebook Group, Use the SEARCH THIS GROUP function to see if we have already written and detailed the solution you are seeking.


3. If you have tried those steps first, and still need additional troubleshooting, • Post photos of your stitching with view of both front and back of the fabric,

• All 4 Tension dial settings as they are now, and

• Your needleplate if stitching is bunching, and the

• Left side of machine dial settings.

• Needles with a clear view of their offset - see the NEEDLES doc in the DOWNLOAD FILES AREA


Following these Guidelines will get you the best help the most quickly.


Do not start your post with something like "I have threaded a million times and watched all the videos..."


This means that it is possible something is being done incorrectly and you need to backtrack and start step by step - walking through the designated troubleshooting steps.


Often the easiest solution is to re-thread from scratch all 4 cones and in proper order for your model. Start with that procedure every time.

Once an issue has been clearly solved, commenting is turned off to keep new issues to the top of the group’s main feed.



When you request to join our Facebook group – these tutorials need to be done before we accept your membership request.


We have over 17,800 members – and to keep the group useful for most users, these are the things you need to know and become familiar with before joining and posting.


Threading Your Serger



Balanced Tension Tutorial


More Tension Information:


Understanding Your Serger’s Features


How to request help in our group



How to contact Brother Customer service by calling 1-877-276-8437  Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Or via the web at


Additional Threading Tutorials


Brother Support Frequently Asked Questions:,6207

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