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Ran out of one of your Cones?

Use this simple thread

hack to save the day!


Serger Thread Information


Serger thread is made for high speed 1300 stitches per minute needle action and is generally 40 weight thickness used in 3 or 4 thread serging to finish and construct seams simultaneously. It generally comes on a 3000 yard cone, but check the label, many stores sell a 1200 yd cone size for less money but it is not a “deal”. Brother Sergers can use the double sized 6000 yd cones just fine.


Sewing machine garment construction thread is generally 50 weight for domestic sewing machines which typically stitch up to 850 stitches per minute.



Decorative Threads in your Serger

Amy Alan shows Using Decorative Thread at about minute marker 5:25


Thread storage is something that you will always find there are a million experts telling you their theories and remedies for why you should do it their way. Do what works for you. Lots of folks use the spindles on wooden frames style of thread holders and do not somehow suffer from doing that and they sew through their thread without a lot of problems. Also thread life can depend on the quality and materials the threads are made of. Lots of folks say NO SUNSHINE, in a dark cabinet etc. My suggestion is do what is going to work for your sewing space and your usage. There is so much difference in someone who has a total of over 1000 spools or cones of thread and someone who might have 50 if they are lucky.


Many folks do use sewing machine thread with ok results when that is the only thread available.


Stretch thread and Wooly Nylon Thread are used in the Serger’s Loopers, not in the needles.


floss threader image

Floss Threaders make it easy to get stretch thread or wooly nylon thread through the loopers. These “floppy” threads are often a little more difficult to get into the looper and floss threaders are really helpful to have these on hand.  Link for online ordering these Threaders-count-Pack/dp/B00EKTOJEA/


You can usually find these in any local drugstore chain like CVS, Walgreens or Rite Aid, Target etc.


FYI Gutermann and Maxilock are both owned and manufactured by American & Efird – the same company, same threads, just different manufacturing locations and usually different sales channels but Wawak carries both. consistently beats retail prices by a lot. Regular prices are lower than everywhere else, and there is no minimum. Orders under $100.00 are flat rate shipped for $4.89 <---not a typo, and all orders over $100.00 are shipped FREE


Color charts and direct links to Wawak’s Maxilock section here


Amy Alan has a great tutorial on YouTube showing how to use decorative threads using pearl cotton size 10 crochet thread) works great in the Loopers for a nice finishing effect at about minute mark 5:30

Thread Nets.pdf 
  Buying more Thread Nets

Costco threadnets image


Thread Storage Racks


Threading Your Serger


For those of you who serge for production and use white thread, this might be a good option for you. These 12,000 yard cones are too large to fit on the serger but used with thread stands, this is a great price. Thread is cotton, made by the same company that makes Maxilock (A&E)

Thread cone image


Cone Holder image






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