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Brother Serger Blog:  Serger Books versus Youtube:  Youtube wins hands down.


Note: In most every other area of my life, I prefer real paper books you can hold in your hand and read at leisure without eye strain on a sunny beach with perhaps an adult beverage at hand. This is probably the only time you will ever read my words suggesting otherwise...


Books are not really as useful for this process unless you can find one that is brand specific to the book you have.

YouTube really does have a wealth of brand specific info about your serger.

For the amount of money on Serger books a person would spend, you would be better off to hire private serger lessons and benefit more.

Still YouTube is the overall best option with the deepest resources for what you need to learn about serging with your machine.

Books, if you are determined to use them, we recommend:

Complete Serger Handbook

Nancy Zieman; Serge With Confidence

Sewing Essentails Serger Techniques

The Sergers Technique Bible







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