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Serger Supplies and Accessories
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June Tailor's Cut N Press

comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, for taking with you when mobile sewing. Available via Amazon, and are also available at most JoAnn Fabrics Stores

June Tailor Cut n Press image

June Tailor's Cut N Press: dual-sided pressing surface / cutting mat on reverse side

Double eye needle

Double Eye Needle for finishing serger chains image

Double Eye Needle for finishing serger chains

Double Needle Inserter - replace both needles at once

Double Needle Inserter image

Duckbill Applique Scissors

Duckbill Applique Scissors image

Floss Threaders

floss threader image

Use handy floss threaders for threading Stretch Thread in the Loopers - availble at your local Drugstore, Walmart, CVS or Target

Microvac attachment set

Microvac attachment set image

Oiling bottle with spout

Oiling bottle with spout image



Rolling Cart

Rolling Cart imageRolling Cart - this folding cart collapses flat when not in use, it will perfectly fit your serger's original shipping box with the styrofoam inserts to keep your machine from bumping around while taking to classes or guild sewing days


Sound Mat - quiet your serger

Serger Mat image

Thread Cone Storage

Thread Cone Storage image


Thread Nets

Thread Nets image




Serger Table from Sew Steady


A nice model of Serger cart if you are looking for one


Serger table image


Free shipping in California

All About Needles by Schmetz
Buying a new or used serger : Presales Considerations
Chaining Forks and Needleplate
Gathering / Ruffles
Knives Replacement.pdf
Lightbulb Replacement
Maintenance - Overview
Starter Thread - why did my new serger come already threaded?
Stitch and Tension Cards!

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