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Maintaining your own serger saves money and many times anyone can do it, given the correct tools and instructions.  Here are some of the tools we use in caring for our equipment.  Check back periodically as we add new tools from time to time as they become available.   


We strongly recommend against using canned air - as this just blows oily linty sludge further into parts of the machine that are not easily cleaned out.  Use the mini vac tools and any makeup brush or small paintbrushes work as well.

Cutting Mats!  from Cutting

Double needle inserterDouble needle inserter - both needles at once!



Feeler Gauge imageFeeler Gauge - for adjusting Serger Timing

For those of you who need to fix their own timing, make sure and read our Service Manual publication for accurate specifications. A feeler gauge for your measurements. Way faster and easier than a caliper to get into all those small spaces and very accurate too.

Available at Harbor Freight for $4.99 (Thanks Karen Wood)


Golden Eagle Thread Snips

Thread snips image


Micro-Vac  from Amazon  $15.99

Microvac image


Microvac attachments imageMicro Vacuum Attachment Kit - 7 Piece - perfect for cleaning inside your serger

OIL - Oiling your serger periodically is important - the manual says to oil it before first use on Page 57

Oiling bottle with spout

Oil spout bottle image


Needle replacement wrench

The 1034D uses a 2mm hex head wrench. However, some of the other machines like my Strong and Tough 4031 Strong & Tough, use a 1.5mm hex head wrench  ---- thanks to Admin Karen Wood!

Screwdriver set Replacement Screwdriver for changing your 1034d and most other models Serger Needles - 2mm hex bit included in this set:

Needle replacement wrench - alternative version

Allen wrench set for needle replacement image (Click to enlarge photo)


Link to purchase



Rolling Cart imageRolling Cart - this folding cart collapses flat when not in use, it will perfectly fit your serger's original shipping box with the styrofoam inserts to keep your machine from bumping around while taking to classes or guild sewing days

ScissorSales -  This Scissor vendor frequently featured at Quilt Shows, has a great scissor selection, great tweezers selection, good pricing, and great customer service! You can always order online too.
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