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Decorative Tucks With Your Serger
Decorative Tuck image
(based on the Viking Serging group tutorial by Shelia Hillwig, adapted for Brother Serger)

This tutorial is meant to provide you with one technique that you might be able to use in your creations with your serger. This decorative stitch can be used to embellish garments, home dec projects, or anything that your imagination can come up with.

Serger set up for the task:

You will be using the stitch finger and the knife on this stitch.

On your Brother serger, you have an “R” lever to move for the stitch finger.

For this stitch it will be set on the “R”. Set the stitch width at around a 7 and the stitch length at 1 This is a 3-thread overlock stitch using the left, needle.

Left needle tension is 3.5 with regular thread,

Upper looper is 1.2 tension with 12 wt. Sulky

Lower looper tension is 1.8 with 12 wt. Sulky.

Try using 2 coordinating thread colors on the loopers, or a varigated coordinating color in both loopers, or rainbow varigated!

There is no special foot required, nor should any differential feed adjustment necessary. 

Experiment on scraps - adjust your machine to get the stitching formation even.

Start with 1 1/2” strips.

Place wrong sides together and serge the sides together.

Continue adding strips by serging wrong sides together until you have reached your desired width.


Your length will be determined by the length of the strips that you start with.

After the desired size is achieved, sew or chain stitch the “tucks” down at 2 1/2” intervals and alternating directions (hold tucks up for one and down for the next).


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