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Why was a post deleted?

Why are comments turned off?

Why do I have to re-thread from scratch?


Commonly asked questions on our group:


Why was a post deleted, or commenting turned off? Why do I have to re-thread from scratch when a thread breaks?

A poster just asked about changing the left needle thread and if it is necessary to rethread everything. I was about to respond when I realized the comments were turned off and she was advised that rethreading is a must.

After using my machine for a number of years now, I frequently change just one or both needle threads without rethreading everything.

Was the poster advised that a total rethread is a must in order to avoid confusion about threading down the road?

Or maybe because she is new and it’s good for people to get comfortable with threading before changing things up?

Yes. When we specifically recommend a procedure to be done like this, we will delete comments to the contrary if it seems like they will confuse the user or if we know this is contrary to the best operation of the equipment.

It really does help avoid confusion and running user arguments getting out of hand.


Most folks know there are many ways to do the same thing, but since we are providing the support for the users, in the group feed, we feature the way we teach it and the way we support it with our website.

Lots of people only learn by shortcuts and break their equipment from not learning to do it properly.

This is also why we request users to to do the tutorials and read the files before joining and asking questions in a way that forces 17,000+ users to read through the drama "HEEELLLLPPP!!!!! "and "Eek a mouse" type posts over and over again when they are really just trying to get to the correct info in the shortest way

It makes sense to keep it simple, especially for those that may find threading difficult or intimidating.


Final note:


No need to post messages thanking us for adding you to our group, these are automatically deleted to keep the main message thread for tips and help.

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