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Skipped Stitches : Causes and Troubleshooting

1. Needle bent, or needle tip blunt, replace with new needle

2  Needle incorrectly installed

3. Wrong needle used, use correct needle, Schmetz 130/705H suggested, though Organ needles also work. See Needles.pdf


4. Improper Threading,   rethread your serger in the correct order for your model, making sure you re-thread all 4 cones - this is a common cause of problems: "not re-threading properly"   See  Threading Your Serger
5. Presser Foot pressure too loose,   See Adjust Presser Foot Pressure
6. Thread tensions not adjusted properly  see the Stitch Evaluation Guide and the Tension pages
7. Skipped Stitches video
8. Rolled Hem Better Coverage Trick

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